This is a brief overview of some of the literature dealing with flying snakes. I've tried to be as comprehensive as possible. If you come across other articles not listed, please let me know.

      --Popular Articles--

A more updated list can be found on the Press page of the Socha Lab web site.

Snakes Take Flight. By Cynthia Wei. Journal of Experimental Biology Inside JEB piece, May 15 2005. About the two flying snake research papers published in issue 208(10) (listed below). |pdf|

Serpents in the Air. By Adam Summers. Natural History magazine, May 2003. About flying snake research; includes a nice illustration.

Wild Gliders. By Tim Laman. National Geographic magazine, October 2000, pages 68-85. Amazing and unique photographs of gliders in Borneo.

Flying Snakes. By Sharon Parmet. MUSE magazine Volume 3, Number 7, September 1999, pages 35-38. An article for kids.

Flyings Snakes. By Christopher Miller. Popular Science magazine, February 1999, page 26. A short blurb.

Gliders and Parachuters. By John C. Murphy. Reptiles magazine, March 1996, pages 12-26. An interesting account of John's travels in Borneo discussing flying frogs, snakes, and lizards.

Notes on the Biology and Captive Care of the Flying Snakes (Chrysopelea). By Lenny Flank, Jr. Reptile and Amphibians Hobbyist magazine, July 1999, pages 28-32. Captive care, focusing on C. ornata.

      --Scientific Journal and Book Articles--

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