Random links related to flying snakes and research.

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California Academy of Sciences Department of Herpetology

Reptiles of Indonesia

Batraciens et Reptiles du Monde Good photos and information (in French).

Ecology Asia Nick Baker's excellent site on Asian fauna. The ecology homepage can be found here.

The EMBL Reptile Database A great resource.

Zoological Record (BIOSIS), herpetology Tons of herpetology links.

World Species List - Reptiles

Chicago Herpetological Society

American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH)

SSAR Publications

Herpetological Contents at - a searchable database of over 50,000 herp publications.

Assorted snake links

Lundstrom's Snake Quiz Good for kids and novices.

Recommendations for care of reptiles and amphibians in academic institutions by F. Harvey Pough.

Other Chrysopelea sites

From Batraciens et Reptiles du Monde

From Nick Baker's site

Tom Mandarin's Chrysopelea ornata images

      --Other animal gliders--

How Squirrels Fly A Smithsonian Magazine article on flying squirrel research of Stafford and Thorington.


Leica Geosystems Produces the Imagine with Orthobase software used to reconstruct the 3-D points of the snake moving through the air.

QuickImage and QuickSAND Jeff Walker's custom biomechanics/analysis software.

      --Southeast Asia--

Singapore National Parks Board Includes descriptions of national reserves and parks and contact info for conducting research.

Singapore Zoological Gardens The Singapore Zoo, perhaps the best zoo in the world.

 The Wildlife Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka

      --Comparative Biomechanics Research--

Instead of trying to list of all the interesting people, labs, and research going on, check out Adam Summers' list of biomechanics/functional morphology research.

Adam's Biomechanics column from Natural History Magazine. Includes all of his published essays.


See How It Flies  An excellent on-line textbook of flight by John S. Denker.   

Principles of Aeronautics Another good on-line text.    

Fluids resources

UC Berkeley's Vertebrate Flight Exhibit An on-line exhibit from the UC Museum of Paleontology.


The Tree of Life An overview of the evolutionary relationships among species. By David Maddison, University of Arizona.

UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology's online exhibits: Evolution and Phylogeny

Harvard's evolution resources

      --Digital Video--

John Beale's Using the Sony DCR-TRV900 Camcorder  An excellent resource for everything dealing with the DCR-TRV900.  

Video University  All kinds of information and tips about video.   

"Everything you need to know about DV formats"  Includes technical info.   

Digital Video Live  Tutorials, buying guides, DV Magazine.   

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