Flying snake field work

I study how snakes move through the air by recording their aerial locomotion with videocameras and still cameras. I bring the snakes to a high place and let them jump off to escape me, and land harmlessly on the ground. Because some flying snake species aren't easily available in the US, I've spent some time in Southeast Asia doing this work. The following pages show a sample of the type of work and people involved in these expeditions.

Singapore 2000

In this trip, I worked with 21 C. paradisi, right in the middle of the Singapore Zoo.

Chicago 2000

Continued work with C. ornata outside of Chicago.

Chicago 1999

In this field season, I worked with C. ornata and C. pelias on a patch of land just outside of Chicago. The goal was to collect trajectory information on these two species.

Thailand 1999

For a brief few days, I was able to work with C. ornata in Hat Yai, Thailand, thanks to Harold Voris and crew. In this trip, I launched the snakes from a university rooftop and focused on how the snakes take off.

Singapore 1997

Thanks to kind folks at the National University of Singapore and the Singapore Zoological Gardens, I got lucky to get my hands on four C. paradisi, the paradise tree snake. To my extreme surprise, the snakes glided far better than I imagined.

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