Singapore 2000

Gallery 3: random images from Singapore.

Rain put a damper on quite a few potential data collection sessions. It's not known if the snakes glide in the rain or not (probably not), but the electronic equipment definitely wouldn't have been happy drenched in water.

Taking refuge in a snack shop next to the field. Tom Chong, Tony O'Dempsey, Wendy Toh and myself. Notice the happy look on my face.

Protecting the equipment when sudden rains hit.

Tom Chong and Wendy Toh, utterly bored, waiting for the action to resume.

Tony O'Dempsey pounds a stake into the ground, which was used as a control reference in the field of view of the videocameras.

Climbing the tower for the next trial.

A side view of the action at the top of the tower.

Norman and Chee Kong recording data from the top.

A budding snake researcher astutely points out the measuring tape.

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