Chicago 1999

Images from the 1999 field season in Lockport, IL, just outside of Chicago. The goal was to collect trajectory information from the golden tree snake (Chrysopelea ornata) and the twin-barred tree snake (Chrysopelea pelias).

The tower in the field where the snakes were launched. This field is my uncle's back yard.

Brian Sotir watches from the ground as the snake begins its trajectory through the air.

My Ph.D. advisor, Dr. Michael LaBarbera, and his daughter Katie. Katie also helped recapture snakes.

Katie and I mark the dorsal (back) part of the snake with paint, for use as landmarks in digitizing the snake's body movements.

Brian, Tyler, and Jake.

Brian and Tyler.

Mike LaBarbera clutching the tower, in position to take photographs of the snake as it jumped from the branch above.

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