A great number of people and organizations have assisted me with my work on flying snakes. Without their help, I could not have done anything. If I have forgotten your name, please let me know.

Research Sponsors

Thanks the National Geographic Society, the Journal of Experimental Biology, the Hinds Fund (University of Chicago), the Explorers Club, Sigma Xi, and the Chicago Herpetological Society for grants that enabled me to conduct this work. Also thanks to ERDAS (a GIS company) for providing "Imagine with Orthobase", 3-D reconstruction software used to analyze most of my coordinate data.


In my first trip in 1997, Tng Sok King, Darlene Lauw, Yusfiandi Yatiman were my main snake workers. Others who made this study possible include Kelvin Lim, Dr. Yang Chang-man, Dr. Peter Ng, Oliver Chia, Ng Heok Hee, Jim Lim, N. Sivasothi, Go Yan Yih, and Robert Kerle of the National University of Singapore; Francis Lim, Pauline Tan, Bis, and Dr. Paolo Martelli of the Singapore Zoological Gardens. Tan May Lynn, John Yeo, Julie Yeo, Elaine Goh, Lai Chien-Houng, Tan Kay Yen, and Chin Siew Wei also helped recapture snakes.


I spent a week in Hat Yai, Thailand, and got some great takeoff footage of C. ornata with the help of Apisit Detchsuwan, Sansareeya Wangkulangkul, Tanongsak Chanmaytakul, Pim, and Dr. Vachira Lheknim. Special thanks to Apisit, who was literally by my side ten hours a day.


Frank Yuwono and Dr. Mumpuni Sancoyo, Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense.

United States

From the University of Chicago: Dr. Michael LaBarbera, Dr. Mark Westneat, Mike Alfaro, Satie Airime, Dr. Jack Dumbacher, Karen Sears, Hans Larsson, Eric Duneman, Chris Sidor, Kjerstin Sherrard, Jack Conrad, and Brian Bettencourt. From the Field Museum of Natural History: Dr. Harold Voris, John Murphy, Alan Resetar, Cassie Redhead, Dr. Jeff Walker. From the University of Texas at Austin: Dr. Robert Dudley, Dr. Jimmy McGuire.

I conducted most of my expirments in 1999 in the back yard of the property of Dennis Jeglinski, Sr. (who also happens to be my uncle). I built a 25-foot scaffolding tower in his field and launched snakes from it. Others who helped with the snakes include Brian Sotir, Tyler, Dennis Jeglinski, Jr., Tracy Kwock, Sharon Parmet, Monica Daley, and Katie LaBarbera.

Also special thanks to Mike Lach for computer support.

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